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Today's business climate requires more than a simple backup to stay competitive!

The old saying that time is money is very true when it comes to your business. Would your business keep running if your server wasn't? Yeah, we know, you have a backup system. You're fine.....right?  Basic backup systems were ok for simple file restorations but what if your file sharing or email server failed? How would you get your data? your email? What if your database server stopped serving? Would you be able to continue operations or have to shut down until a replacement was found? If you shut down, what would it cost your business? So what’s the plan? Would your business be completely stopped? We have business continuity systems that allow you to get back up and running in minutes and hours, not days and weeks, even in the event of a complete office failure such as a fire or flood. Our systems provide onsite and offsite options to keep you working and prevent costly downtime. Not only that, we are backing up numerous times a day so you aren't going back to yesterday's data. Oh yeah, and our systems are affordable too! Can your business survive downtime? Let us give you a free assessment on what your downtime costs really are and find out why you can't afford not to have us on your side.

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​Business Continuity

What you will do with your backup when your server fails? Do you have a plan that will allow your business to keep running?