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“Halil is wonderful, as always."


“I appreciated the quick response to my need for additional technology and the efficient set-up of that technology.”

Sara C., Healthcare Organization

“I had a problem it was solved in less than 30 seconds”

Bridget M., Food Services

"Extremely helpful resolved my issue very professionally and quickly. Thank you.”

Jim M., Finance, Manufacturer

“Problem was fixed in a timely manner”

Krista H., New Home Builder

“Charles is fast with requests! Super fast!”

Laurie A., Home Construction/Rental Management

“Always so helpful, friendly and resolves our setup and problem solving very efficiently”

Jim M., Manufacturing

“Fixed my problems in a timely manner"


“Always fast and efficient”

Colleen S. Administration, Healthcare Provider

“Every issue is resolved in an efficient and timely manner!! Thanks”

Home Builder

Clever Dog IT has been managing our IT infrastructure for many years.  Their response time and accessibility is unmatched.  They have been a trusted partner as we have evolved our hardware systems as well as our cloud infrastructure.  They are able to find great value for us along the way which is certainly appreciated given the pace of change in the field of IT infrastructure.  I would recommend their services to anyone looking for an affordable alternative to in-house IT support as they are essentially an arm's length partner given their level of client dedication.   

​Rahul K., Vice President, Operations, Home Construction/Rental Management

“Thank you for all the help! And for how quickly you remedied the situation. And thanks to Shawn too!”

Sue A., Food Services

“Made my life a lot better with quick action taken from Clever Dog.”

Sam P., Home Builder/Rental Management

“Excellent service, resolved quickly”

Automobile Dealership

“Fast response time and excellent service! Clever Dog's team is very knowledgeable and Shawn will offer clever solutions to your IT issues.”

Angela T., Service Manager,  Electrical Contractor

"The issue was resolved quickly and professionally, all the technicians are very helpful, friendly, and polite”

Jim M., Manager, Manufacturer

“Made my life a lot better with quick action taking from Clever Dog”

Sam P., Home Construction

Our organization totally depends on Clever Dog IT to keep us functioning in our day-to-day work. If something malfunctions, we can rely on excellent, comprehensive and prompt service to get us performing again as soon as possible.

Colette R., Executive Director, Association

“Quick, easy in-and-out, anything less than a 5 would imply something wasn't done properly.”

Service, Home Builder

"Adam is quick and knows his stuff very well.”

Electrical Contractor, Accounting

“Responded quickly to my request”

Jocelyne, Healthcare Manager

“Great service”

Reception, Home Builder

“Diego was effective and pleasant "

General Contractor

“Super fast and very friendly!”

Receptionist, Healthcare Provider

“Good Afternoon, I have completed the survey as soon as the issue was resolved, in the timely manner as always.Thanks”

Sue L., Home Construction/Rental Management

“Amazed at how quickly any issues are resolved”

Rose G., Food Services

“Charles always knows how to fix things and is good at explaining things ”

Kelly AL. Housing Project Manager

Great Service and customer relations.

Terry V., Senior Partner, Business Consulting

“We love Diego! He is very familiar with ACT's internet issues and will take care of the problems when we are too busy to do so or when we cannot figure out a solution to the issue!"

Therapist, Healthcare Provider

“Resolved issue quickly and exteremely friendly service”

Jim M., Home Construction/Rental Management

Don't take our word for it....

"All my problems were solved efficiently. Your Technician was patient and very helpful. Thank him again.”


“Always fast”

Service, Home Builder

“As always, great service!! Thanks!"

Sue L. Home Builder, Sales Associate

“Adam always takes good care of us. Thank you”

Construction Manager, Home Builder

“Excellent time for reply, really wants to help. Will need to continue ticket for additional details. Keep up the great work!"

Jarrod G., Entrepreneur 

“Charles is fast with requests! Super fast!”

Laurie, Manufacturing

“Adam is the best!”

Administration, Health Care

“I was extremely pleased with the assistance from the staff of Clever Dog IT Systems. They not only resolved the issues in rapid haste, but they also kept the situation light in their manner. They were friendly, pleasant and efficient. Thanks again for all your help!”

Home Construction/Rental Management

“Very professional and efficient. Thank you”

Reception, Automobile Dealership

“It's always good with Clever Dog.”

Debra M., Home Construction/Rental Management 

“Charles is the best. His job is always excellent!!!"

Lynn Z., Accounting, Manufacturer

"The issue I has with Outlook was fixed”

Cheryl P. , Accounting, Association

“Amazing Service! Thank you Charles”

Justin T., Marketing

Reliable, Responsive, Knowledgeable, Collaborative – Clever Dog IT Systems is all these things and more.  We have had a longstanding relationship with Clever Dog IT Systems and know that we can always count on them to be timely in their responses to our service needs.  Their knowledge and experience are assets to our team when assessing and planning for IT management or to meet the growing needs of our organization.

I would not hesitate to recommend Clever Dog IT Systems.

Kim C., Executive Director, Healthcare Organization

“Excellent service”

Jim M., Office Manager, Manufacturing

“Service is always handled with efficiency and quickly ”

Jim M, Home Construction/Rental Management

“Excellent and speedy service!”


“Very polite and efficient”

Automobile Dealership

“Service and resolution is always quick!! Thanks again.”

Sue L., Home Construction/Rental Management 

“Could not ask for better support, the setup of our program went so smoothly”

Jim M., Manufacturing

“Very quick and friendly response!”

Kim P., Healthcare Organization

“The gentleman I spoke too was quick and efficient and oh so smart”


“Issue was resolved quickly and support was great"

Healthcare Provider

“Adam is very prompt and overall great :)”

Sales Admin, Home Builder

“Great service as always! Thank you”

Sue L., Home Construction/Rental Management

“Shawn is an extremely professional individual, & I would not hesitate to refer his organization to anyone.”

Rob B., Owner,  Automobile Dealership

“Took the time to explain what I had to do and look for"

Claire F.  Electrical Contractor

“Excellent service as always!!

Sue L., New Home Sales, Builder

“Excellent service resolved my issue very quickly, very friendly made me feel at ease while fixing the outside issue”

Jim M, Office Manager, Manufacturing 

“Nice and easy”

Dylan H., New Home Service


Luc R., Science

“Always very helpful, thank you once again”

Jane, Reception 

“Always great... proactive”

Don R., Automotive Dealership

“Charles is in my opinion your greatest asset .. I think he reads my mind sometime .. I don't do the survey all the time as it would be repetitive .. .”

Ron R., Automotive Dealership

“My issue was resolved before we even got on the phone as Adam took action based on my email. Very much appreciated.”

Heather M., Home Construction/Rental Management

“My request was answered very quickly and the feedback was extremely helpful with how to proceed moving forward with the remainder of the upcoming install.”

Home Builder/Rental Management

Clever Dog has played a key role in our operations since day one. Their personal approach to service and commitment to maintaining best business practice, provides assurance that our team is supported at the most essential and fundamental level. We have always been able to rely on the prompt efficient service that they provide.

Ed H., General Manager, Building Industry

“Quick and efficient response to my IT related issue - thank you!"

Heather Q., Office Manager, Healthcare

“Fast, friendly, problem fixed”

Krista, Home Builder

“Adam and Charles were both very helpful. Their service is the best and I get it all done on time.”

Ashin V., Home Renovations

“As always, great service!! Thanks again!!"

Sue L., Home Builder, Sales Exec.

“Very quick response to my problem and corrected it promptly"

Jim M., Manufacturer

“Always great service!!!”

Sue L., New Home Sales

“Diego was very helpful and took care of the issue quickly"

Property Management

“I'm happy!”

Karly W., Healthcare Organization

“Quick and efficient"

Food Services

“Patient and quick response!"

Automobile Dealership

"Thank you for responding fast when we need your help”

Claudia O. , Accounting, New Home Builder

“Handled Promptly with any questions or issues that may arise. Excellent Service”

Jane, Home Construction/Rental Management

“Excellent service. Worked late at night to get it done.”

Home Construction/Rental Management 

“Quick and efficient responses”

Kim C., Executive Director, Healthcare

“Fixed quickly and professionally”

Wayne, Home Construction/Rental Management

“The tech did a great job and very quickly"

Warehouse, Electrician 

“Fastest solution to my problem ever!! Well done.”

Chris K., Service, Home Builder

“Charles is great”

Mario, Sales Manager

“Very helpful”

Reception, Automobile Dealership

"Fast friendly and effective.”

Service, Automobile Dealership

“Always efficient and friendly. wish I had this service for my home computer”

Carla C., Home Construction/Rental Management 

““Quick, efficient and friendly service"

Paula, Reception

“It occurred quickly and efficiently. Always good communication with Adam.”

Jocelyn B.

“Shawn and Charles are great... always ready to help and get the job done the right way... these guys are amazing and extremely helpful”

Jamie B., Automotive Dealership

“Always Pleasant, Knowledgeable and Efficient! Thanks again for helping an Old Computer Dinosaur through his Issues. Let me know if you can also help me with my Failing Retirement Plans! hehehe!”

Chris K., Home Construction/Rental Management

“Friendly, quick response, explanation for the issue. Excellent stuff.”

Peter W., Engineering, Home Builder

“Knowledgeable and Client Focussed”

Angela V., Event Planner

“Very adept IT company”

Mona C., Home Builder

“I've known Shawn over 10 years and have always been impressed with his knowledge and his attention to his clients.”

Tony S., Owner, Marketing Firm

“Alaa called me first thing in the morning and clearly explained what I needed to do to allow him to access my computer. He did a complete scan and reassured me that my laptop is virus free, and he installed Norton Safe Web to keep my laptop safe moving forward. Thanks Alaa and Clever Dog--another job well done!!”

Erika C., Writer

“Charles is the best IT person I have had the pleasure to deal with in a long time”

Don R., Automotive Dealership

“My issue was resolved before we even got on the phone as Adam took action based on my email. Very much appreciated.”

Heather M., Home Construction/Rental Management

“Thank you! Great service as always"

Amelia, Exec Director, Healthcare

"So patient with us as we experience a lot of issues with a transition to a new office”

Administration, Health Care

“Painless tutorial."

Mark Z., General Contractor

“Excellent communications”

Student Housing Development

“Quick, efficient and professional. Minimal down time”

Property Accountant, Home Builder/Rental Management

“As always the service received was great. Everything seems to working and staying connected. Thanks again for taking the time to come out the Sales Centre.”

Sue L., Home Construction/Rental Management

“Always friendly and efficient”

Administration, Health Care

“Adam is always very helpful and accommodating!”

Kim P. 

“Quick and efficient”

Rick W., Home Construction/Rental Management

“As usual, something that could have been frustrating was solved quickly with a knowledgable explanation"

Collen S., Healthcare Provider

"Fast to get back to you and quick to resolve the issues.”

Maureen D., Construction Manager, Home Builder

“Fast and professional.”

Bob P., Site Supervisor 

“The advisor was readily available, patient and did a great job of explaining things and working creatively to provide solutions.”

Kara E., Science 

“Resolved my issue very quickly. thank you.”

Lynda R., Healthcare Organization

“Spoke to Marc this morning who agreed to start early to help me with remote access. I was pleased with the level of service and the time it took him to get me set up. Thank you for the great service."

Home Construction/Rental Management  

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