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Technology Platform


In order to provide the most efficient work environment and a high level of security we ask that all hardware and software conform to our Recommended Technology Platform. This platform is updated periodically to ensure that clients enjoy the best possible network experience.




  • 8th Generation or newer intel or equivalent AMD CPU 

  • OS that is current and supported (Windows, MacOS, Linux) 

  • 16 GB of Memory 

  • Solid State drives only 

  • Must be a business-class system from Dell, HP, Lenovo, and other known manufacturers

  • Software must be properly licensed



  • Dell, HP, Lenovo servers that are not EOL, (must have warranty) 

  • OS must be under current support from the vendor (Windows, Linux, VMWare) 

  • Enterprise grade drives (oem preferred) used. 

  • Enough memory/CPU/disk space to run all virtual machines (no over provisioning) 

  • Server software must be properly licensed 



  • Must be business class (and managed for switches, unless just a desktop switch) 

  • Main firewalls we support are SonicWALL, Fortinet, Meraki, Netgate (pfSense) 

  • Firewalls must have current licensing and a valid support contract (Switches as well, if applicable) 



  • Any large printers/copiers must have a contract with a vendor, otherwise support is best effort 

  • If OEM toner is not used we cannot guarantee there will not be problems 




  • Active Directory, Active Directory Federation Services 

  • Microsoft Servers (Windows, Exchange, SQL, IIS, etc.) 

  • Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online, SharePoint, Entra ID, OneDrive, etc.) 

  • Microsoft Office 365 apps (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) 

  • Google Workspace 

  • Cisco Duo 

  • Google Chrome 

  • Mozilla Firefox 

  • Microsoft Edge 

  • Adobe Products


Supported with vendor support:

  • Jonas Construction Management 

  • CDK 

  • Serti 

  • PBS 

  • PCLaw 

  • AlayaCare 

  • CIMS HR 

  • Conest IntelliBid 

  • Antidote 

  • Maestro 

  • GEAC/Thoroughbred 

  • Yardi 

  • Sage 

  • QuickBooks Enterprise 

  • BlueBeam Revu 

  • Kofax Power PDF 

  • AutoCAD 

  • Mitrefinch TMS 

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