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Get our Network Audit at No Charge

Limited Offer:

Our Base Network Audit at No-Charge* or Obligation

Want to find out if we are a great fit to work together. Sign up for one of our network audits and find out what you may be missing:

1. Executive Summary Report

The Executive Summary report displays the potential risk across standard business categories as well as the potential liabilities discovered within the network.

2. Data Breach Liability Report

This report shows financial exposure levels and personal identifiable information (PII) risks on the organization’s network. It also shows the potential financial risk in the event of a breach and what can be done to reduce the chance of a compromise.

3. Password Policies Summary

This report details inconsistencies with computer password policies and shows which end-users are not in compliance with those policies. Most often business have poor policy enforcement which poses a risk to the organization's IT infrastructure.

4. Outdated Malware Definitions Report

This report provides a risk assessment of computers and servers running outdated security definitions. Computers and servers logged into most recently are surfaced in the report. 

6. Consolidated Security Report Card

This report presents a consolidated view of your overall risk score based on the scans that have been performed, along with simple charts to show the problem areas. 

* Certain Conditions Apply

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