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Now more than ever your trusted Managed I.T. Services Partner...

Managed Services | Clever Dog IT Systems
Business Continuity Systems | Clever Dog IT Systems
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Penetration Testing
Security Services | Clever Dog IT Systems
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Cloud Services | Clever Dog IT Systems
Hardware Sales | Clever Dog IT Systems
VOIP Phone Systems | Clever Dog IT Systems
VOIP Phone Systems
Consulting | Clever Dog IT Systems
Security Services | Clever Dog IT Systems
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Software Sales | Clever Dog IT Systems
Business Continuity Systems | Clever Dog IT Systems
Business Continuity Systems

Simple backups are no longer enough protection.  Would your business keep running if your server wasn't? Yeah, we know, you have a backup system. You're fine.....right?  Basic backup systems were ok years ago but not today.   How would your business survive with no email and no data. What if you were hit by ransomware? Would you be able to continue operations or have to shut down for days, weeks or longer? If you shut down, what would it cost your business? Is Microsoft 365 backed up by default? (hint, it isn't). So what’s the plan?  We have business continuity systems that allow you to get back up and running in minutes and hours, not days and weeks, even in the event of a complete office failure such as a fire or flood. Our clients get backed up every 1-2 hours so they keep working. You can't afford not to have us on your side.

SECURE M365 security made easy for MSPS Streamline your tenants M365 security policies, ge
Security Services
Security Services | Clever Dog IT Systems
 Security Assessment
Our security assessment  scan gives you a wealth of information and reporting on how secure your network is. We provide a simple to understand report card on the security health of your network as well as detailed reports on what to do to secure it.
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 Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
Performing a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment is a key first step in creating a plan to improve security for your business.
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Penetration Testing
Pen Testing is normally a costly undertaking at +$4500 for a single pen test.  Our pen testing program offers quarterly pen testing for substantially less than the normal cost of a single pen test.
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Security Training
We have partnered with the world’s largest Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platform to provide you with a platform to better manage the urgent IT security problems of social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks.
Security Services
Network Assessment | Clever Dog IT Systems
Network Assessment
Our network assessment provides a number of reports on the health of your network according to best industry practices. In addition to an easy to read report card we provide details on what to do next to optimize the performance of your network and keep it safe.
Managed Anti-Spam | Clever Dog IT Systems
Managed Anti Spam
Our managed anti-spam solution keeps your mailbox clean and free from spam. Additionally it provides an easy way for users to "whitelist" or allow delivery of emails they want to receive as well as provides an easy to use web-based interface to view their email in the event of a mail server outage.
Managed Endpoint detection | Clever Dog IT Systems
Managed Endpoint Detection
Antivirus is no longer enough to keep you protected out there. It depends on updated signatures to find potential malware on your system but doesn't provide the real time protection required in our post-covid world. Endpoint Detection and Response  (EDR)  is not only the latest buzzword but it continuously monitors threat-related information on computers and other endpoints. The goal of EDR is to identify security breaches in real time and to develop a rapid response to potential threats including the ability to roll back in the event of a major threat.
Security Services
Microsoft 365 Office Products
Microsoft 365 is so much more than just Microsoft Office. It is an entire suite of products that can help your business succeed. If you are thinking of moving to the cloud or migrating your email to Microsoft 365 we have the experience and the full range of Microsoft 365 products including some hard to find products for light email users. Contact one of our specialists today to find out how Microsoft 365 can help your business. 
Microsoft 365 Compliance
Optimize your M365 security policies for streamlined compliance, automate ticket generation for violations, and enable real-time threat alerts to safeguard your clients effectively.
Cloud Services | Clever Dog IT Systems
Cloud Services

Ready to move your business to the cloud? Talk to us and find out your options and what will work best for your business. Whether it is Office 365 with Sharepoint, One Drive or other cloud based apps. Maybe you are ready to move your complete office to Microsoft Azure cloud hosting or maybe you just have questions on whether the cloud is right for you and how to get there.  Find out what the cloud can do for you and your business in easy to understand terms. 

VOIP Phone Systems | Clever Dog IT Systems
VOIP Phone Systems

If you're still using an old PBX phone system for your office? You are likely paying too much and/or getting too little. We sell cloud phone systems (VOIP) from the recognized leaders. Full featured office phone systems at a price that will make you smile, maybe even laugh out loud, and you can conference in your associates on your new phone system while you do it. These are feature packed systems offering auto-attendant, call forwarding, multi-level menus, music on hold, extensions, call reports, call monitoring, call recording, faxing, paging, conference bridges, video calls, desktop sharing and so much more. You can even send and receive text messages from your business number. Answer your phone on your mobile phone, your laptop, and more. Work smarter, not harder. Phone systems that fit with any size business from 1 to 1000. Now businesses of any size can have all the benefits of large enterprise phone systems at a small business cost. If you're worried about the high cost of getting started you will be amazed. What are you waiting for, call us right now (yes, we will accept calls from your old phone system) to find out how to move your communications to the next level and gain the edge on your competition.

Software Sales

We offer a wide range of software from Adobe, Microsoft, Bluebeam, GFI, Cisco, Bit Warden, Sentinel One and many others. Let us help your business grow with the tools you need to make it happen.

Hardware Sales
We offer a full range of servers, workstations and network gear from leading vendors like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Unifi, Sonicwall, Netgear and many more. We also offer refurbished systems from the same vendors that offer great savings up to 50% less than new and with warranties up to 3 years.  With warrantied systems for every budget we can help get your business in the fast lane and keep it there. 
Consulting n microsoft
Consulting and
Co-Managed Services

Need short or long-term consulting services?  Need co-managed support services or even a second opinion? We can provide additional help when you need it or provide relief to cover short-term vacancies. Whether you need network administration or help desk services we can provide professional services at reasonable prices.  Trusted, professional, and competitively priced. Call us today to find out more.

Cabling Services

We provide structured cabling solutions including: 

  • Voice/Data, fiber optic, Audio Visual

  • CAD Documentation

  • RCDD Infrastructure design & certification

  • Technology audit and assessment

  • TIA/EIA & IEEE compliance verification/diagnostics

Choose from a range of cable, DSL, and dedicated access fibre packages designed to meet your needs. With the speeds of up to 1 Gbps, your operations run smoothly and efficiently. Competitive prices guarantee affordability, making it easier for businesses of all sizes to access high-quality internet services. Plus, coverage spans across all provinces, including remote regions of Canada, ensuring that wherever your business is located, you can rely on fast and dependable internet connectivity.
Cabling and Internet
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