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Home Office Setup - Part 1

Updated: Jan 24

by Samson Chiu

A customer approached me for assistance in arranging a home office setup, inquiring about the potential expenses involved. In response, I informed her that the cost would be contingent upon her existing equipment and the specifications of her computer. In broad terms, if you possess a laptop, your starting point typically involves the use of a docking station. The USB-C docking station has become the standard since early 2020. While most laptops are equipped with a USB-C port, it's commonly associated primarily with charging. Few could have anticipated that such a compact port could serve multiple functions simultaneously.

Since both Apple and Windows computers are equipped with USB-C ports, opting for a USB-C docking station is a wise initial step. Selecting a USB-C docking station, which I refer to as a "321 docking station" due to its key features:

  • 3 USB-A ports:

    • One for a set of mouse and keyboard.

    • Another is for USB storage.

    • An additional port for a printer or any other peripheral device.

  • 2 types of video outputs, either HDMI or DisplayPort:

    • HDMI and DisplayPort are contemporary video output options.

  • 1 USB-C power input

    • Used for powering the computer

This comprehensive docking station, which I've dubbed the "321 docking station," should cater to various connectivity and power needs for a more efficient work or entertainment setup. It will also allow you to connect one or two monitors to your notebook to allow you to work more efficiently. It turns your laptop into a real workhorse!

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