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Security Services

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Security Services
Security Services | Clever Dog IT Systems
Security Assessment
Our security assessment  scan gives you a wealth of information and reporting on how secure your network is. We provide a simple to understand report card on the security health of your network as well as detailed reports on what to do to secure it.
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Penetration Testing
Penetration testing typically comes with a hefty price tag, often exceeding $4500 for a single assessment. However, our pen testing program provides the opportunity for quarterly assessments at a significantly reduced cost compared to the standard rate of a single penetration test.
Security Training
Organizational networks are vulnerable due to employees, often targeted in advanced phishing and ransomware attacks. 91% of data breaches originate from spear phishing. To address this, we've teamed up with KnowBe4, offering a leading Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platform, trusted by tens of thousands globally. Empower your workforce to stay vigilant against social engineering threats.
Network Assessment | Clever Dog IT Systems
Network Assessment
Our network assessment provides a number of reports on the health of your network according to best industry practices. In addition to an easy to read report card we provide details on what to do next to optimize the performance of your network and keep it safe.
Managed Anti-Spam | Clever Dog IT Systems
Managed Anti Spam
Our managed anti-spam solution keeps your mailbox clean and free from spam. Additionally it provides an easy way for users to "whitelist" or allow delivery of emails they want to receive as well as provides an easy to use web-based interface to view their email in the event of a mail server outage.
Managed Endpoint detection | Clever Dog IT Systems
Managed Endpoint Detection
Antivirus is no longer enough to keep you protected out there. It depends on updated signatures to find potential malware on your system but doesn't provide the real time protection required in our post-covid world. Endpoint Detection and Response  (EDR)  is not only the latest buzzword but it continuously monitors threat-related information on computers and other endpoints. The goal of EDR is to identify security breaches in real time and to develop a rapid response to potential threats including the ability to roll back in the event of a major threat.
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